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Wednesday, June 12, 2024 5:00pm-8:00pm Floor 5, Brighton Member only event

A Sound Healing & Cacao Experience

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This workshop is an opportunity for you to experience the powerful frequency shifts cacao and sound healing can facilitate.

Curated to help you activate your creativity and connect with yourself, Jessi and Jefton guide you on a heart opening and deeply nourishing journey to support you tune your frequency to expansion.

Working with ceremonial cacao, a powerful plant medicine from Peru, Jessi will guide you into a gentle meditative state of self love and acceptance. Connecting to the wisdom of your heart you will be invited to bring forward creative insight and wisdom.

You will then journey into the world of sound frequency as Jefton works with the gong and other instruments to bring you into a state of harmony and equilibrium.

This is a perfect experience for someone curious about working with energy/sound healing, those wanting to access deeper connection and peace within themselves or anyone wanting to dive into the world of energetics and self love.

Jessi has been facilitating healing experiences for the last decade as an energy healer, Yoga teacher and life coach, supporting open minded humans to live with purpose. Jefton is a multidisciplinary creative leading people to activate their creative genius through a unique blend of Esoteric philosophy, creative direction and sound healing.

They met in Goa after a stray dog called Tuk-Tuk that Jessi had rescued crawled under Jefton’s table. They have now been married for 5 years!

Join them for an evening of healing and self love.