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Tuesday, June 06, 2023 7:30 PM - 9:45 PM Floor 5, Brighton

Join us for a sensory listening party where you will be guided by breath-work as you explore the sounds created by John Hopkins in his album Music For Psychedelic Therapy.


Immerse yourself in an extraordinary evening at PLATF9RM for a guided psychedelic breathwork journey with Sophie Trew followed by a listening party to Jon Hopkins’ groundbreaking album, ‘Music For Psychedelic Therapy.’

Psychedelic Breathwork Journey.

Guided by Sophie Trew.

This immersive workshop uses the simplest, yet most powerful healing tool available to you – your breath. Combined with a powerful mix of tools and techniques, such as self-massage, sounds, movement and visualisation, it opens up the respiratory system — sometimes for the first time — flooding the body with energy and inspiration.

Benefits of this type of breathwork can include:

  • Release stress, anxiety & tension
  • Improved physical & mental health
  • Insights, deeper connection to yourself, your purpose & intuition
  • Improved sleep, focus & concentration
  • Increased presence, calm, creativity & joy

Sophie is a Breathwork Guide & Mindset coach. She works with creatives, entrepreneurs and all those looking to improve their mental, emotional and physical health. She guides people to tap into the full potential of their breath for self-discovery, to increase energy, health, healing and creativity. Sophie works with people to reduce stress, anxiety, create more space, inspiration and to open up to a more expanded consciousness.

After the breathwork we’ll listen together to the Jon Hopkins ‘music for psychedelic therapy’, followed by some time to reflect and discuss if you wish.

Hopkins’ meticulously crafted melodies and rhythms to transport you to altered states, offering a transformative experience that transcends boundaries.