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Sunday, July 28, 2024 11 AM - 1PM The Grounds, Hove

Join our parents in business brunch! We’re hosting a keynote brunch with an art workshop for kids, all included in one ticket. This is your chance to connect with likeminded parents and energise your afternoon. Kids go free.

Kids Go Free
Staying productive at work also means being involved in the community and having a focus on wellbeing, Seen pictured with these two people at PLATF9RM

Parents of all kinds are welcome here! 

At PLATF9RM we want to celebrate love and care in all its glorious forms. Our Parents in Business Brunch will uplift and empower the care you give, and will be an opportunity to connect and network with a community of like-minded people.

This event will feature:

Dan Flanagan from Dad La Soul, will be speaking on the importance of incorporating fathers into the conceptualisations and practisers of childcare. Dad La Soul is a Worthing-based organisation that provides support for the dads of the UK by producing an extensive range of dad-friendly events and content.

Rose Rowkins, Suicide Prevention trainer. Rose will speak to the importance of mental health provisions for parents. Rose is a multi-award-winning councillor who has given people the confidence for them to talk about, and approach the issues around suicide and mental health.

Rose Radkte. Rose is a brand strategist and community builder. Rose assists people with their brand and event strategies, with creativity and passion. Both Rose Rowkins and Rose Radkte will join efforts in this Brunch event to raise awareness on the issues of work/family life and give advice and share their experiences with the audience.

The House of Culture, running alongside the brunch and keynote speakers will be a Brighton-local art workshop, for the children of the attendees. This art workshop will provide two engaging activities where the children can harness their creativity and create something beautiful.

Tasty buffet-styled brunch will also be provided for both parents and children by caterer Tash Cooke, with dietary requirements catered for.

This brunch event will be an impactful and mindful activity to do on your Sunday!

In this brunch event, we aim to speak and validate the importance of childcare infrastructure and provisions in the workplace. 

This is a chance to network and connect with other working parents with the addition of having keynote speakers that will address a range of aspects of childcare in UK work culture and legislation.