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Friday, January 27, 2023 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM The Grounds

A unique dining experience where we discuss hot topics with The Pulse Kitchen, coming together over delicious food and even tastier conversation. Our first topic is ‘How To Eat Like A Bear’.

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The Pulse Kitchen believes that every meal should be healthful joy, nothing less. So, taking inspiration from bears, don’t worry we’ll get to why, they’ve crafted an alternative approach that doesn’t involve any dieting.

Their promise is: to enhance the quality of life by promoting a more conscious way of eating that’s good for you, without compromising for flavour, with the added benefit of a clean conscience. Menus are conceived following the Eat Like A Bear formula. The eat like a bear formula has four overall elements:



The Discussion

Changing our mindset about meat (meat for flavour rather than being the main thing)

Why seasonality is so important (nutrition, cost, climate)

The Eat Like A Bear healthy eating formula


The Menu

Lentil & Mushroom bolognese slow simmered with fava bean miso, red wine, tomato and herbs

Warm pasta salad with roasted broccoli, beetroot, and olives

Celeriac and savoy cabbage slaw with toasted fennel seeds

Homemade chilli sauce

Rocket, parsley & walnut pesto

Parmesan cheese

Sourdough bread

Everything is 100% plant-based with the optional add-on being parmesan in this instance.


Please get in touch with Tori for any dietary requirements.

Michael and Jens