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Wednesday, November 23, 2022 7PM - 9PM The Grounds, Hove

We are thrilled to be heading back down to Hove this November to draw some ravishing raptors. We will draw a selection of Falcons and Hawks, whose striking talons and beaks, delicate feathers and intense stares, make these birds wonderful models. Our expert falconer will teach you all about the adaptations that make these birds such efficient hunters, their lives in the wild, and the issues facing their species’.

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The class will be lead by artist and wildlife enthusiast Laura Cuppage, who will get you started with a drawing demo and her top tips for drawing a moving subject. Throughout the session Laura will be on hand with as much guidance as you would like. We will provide paper and drawing boards, as well as an array of colourful materials for you to use, but do bring along any of your own favourite tools if you’d like to. The class is open to all- from beginners to advanced. Even if you haven’t picked up a pencil in years, we will have you sketching away in no time! Our goal is for you to leave with not only some lovely drawings, but also a greater understanding and appreciation of the animals you’ve studied.

Here at Wild Life Drawing we are a small team who are dedicated to animal welfare. We only ever work with the finest animal handlers, who treat their animals with care and respect. The animals we draw are all happy and healthy, and are used to being in different environments and being around humans. The falconer who keeps these birds is a trusted and experienced specialist who works with the RSPCA to rescue, rehabilitate and re-release wild birds of prey around the South of England.