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Wednesday, June 26, 2024 6pm-9pm The Grounds, Hove

Now it's your time to give that time back...

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The Gift of Time has handed you a month of Events that allow you to find time in the busiest of moments.

Now, let’s give that back.

You in the Community is a night of collaboration and connection.
Inspired by the fantastic work of The Social Society and Toni Finnimore, we will find causes you believe in and help you to find a gift of time for them.

No money, no worries, this is a donation based event.
Give £3 or a 4 pack of Beans. Whatever you can offer.

Learn a new skill or rediscover one you already have and gift it back.


What the Evening Looks like? 

6:00pm – Arrive and Chat
6:30pm – Intro and Inspiration from Toni Finnimore
7:15pm – Find a Table and Learn a Skill
8:15pm – Discover how you can Gift that Skill back