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11.05.22 Advice


It’s mental health awareness week, and this year the theme is loneliness. Work can be a lonely place these days – so here are some ideas to help you feel more connected with others in your workplace.

In the US, 3 out of 5 people say they experience loneliness. Data suggests that this is an issue here on our side of the pond, too, with 1 in 4 people in the UK reporting feeling lonely at least some of the time. That’s 17 million people. A lot, right?

So, how do we reduce this number? The answer is right here at PLATF9RM. Welcome to the wonderful world of coworking!

Find your work wife

You are ten times more likely to stay in a job for friends over a pay rise. Most people can relate to staying in a job they’re not keen on simply because they’ve made some good friends. There’s a reason that toxic workplaces often describe themselves as “families”. It’s because their employees are more likely to stay loyal if they’re part of a tribe they care about.

Get out of the house

After one too many months of being trapped inside, it’s natural to crave community. Whether or not you’re a member of PLATF9RM, we welcome you to get out there and join some likeminded people.

Credit: Emma Croman

Here’s fun of 9 things to do at PLATF9RM to beat loneliness.

1. Friday Beers

Make the most of our Friday beers! There’s no better way to start the weekend than with a cold drink and some good conversation.


2. Walkshops with Unlost Co.

Join Kim from Unlost Co. to unplug and connect with other PLATF9RM members in the great outdoors.


3. Language Café

Itching to quench your thirst for exploration? Join the PLATF9RM Brighton crew for a coffee and some OJ whilst we get acquainted with different languages.


4. Run Club with Mark

Start your day the right way with light morning jog, accompanied by our very own Mark Brocklehurst. Our members can join us every Thursday at 8:15AM at The Grounds.


5. PLATF9RM Social

As a PLATF9RM Member, you’re invited to our end of month socials. You can meet, greet and even eat with your friendly work community.


6. Wonderful Wednesdays in Hove – Free Coffee

All of our members get FREE COFFEE at the Grounds on Wednesdays until 9 – 10:30AM! Join us for a hot drink and a chat.


7. Yoga with Katie And Natalia

Brighton and Hove, we’ve got your yoga needs covered! You can either stretch those morning muscles at Tower Point or leave behind any lingering aches from day while watching the sun set over Hove.


8. Members Lunch

This is the perfect chance to take a break from your desk and get to know your fellow members. Get your forks out – it’s about to get scrumptious.


9. Stomping Ground Comedy

Welcome to the beating heart of Hove. LIVE at The Grounds brings you exciting live comedy, right on your doorstep. Laughter is the best medicine, after all.


Credit: Kitty Wheeler-Shaw