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09.05.23 PLATF9RM People


At PLATF9RM, we're lucky to have a thriving community full of musical-meisters. To celebrate this artistic bunch we've put together an exclusive musical edition of PLATF9RM People - so open your ears and get ready for some cracking tunes.



PLATF9RM’s own Chelsie, A.K.A. HEIGHTS is much more than just a good craic wtih some not-so-hidden talents. HEIGHTS is the epitome of independent indie-dream pop, so if you’re looking for pure vibes, how about starting with the new EP – GLOW



Our resident admin specialist lives a double life as the elusive chanteuse known as MAWNESS. She just released her debut EP: Everything’s Fine, it’s pop music at its finest – give it a listen!


The perfect opportunity to see both HEIGHTS and MAWNESS live, They both performed at a sold out gig at The Prince Albert . You can see the PLATF9RM team visiting the gig here.


The Decadent Dayze

If you’re looking for a more psychedelic style of music then The Decadent Dayze may be exactly what you’re looking for. If that is your jam, then be sure to keep an eye out for their next performance here.


Studio Two Sounds

There’s no rest for the Queen of Hove! When she’s not busy being an absolute legend during the day, she’s running studiotwosounds. She’s all about spotlighting the incredible women and non-binary people in the local Jungle / Reggae scene, so keep an eye out for.