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24.01.24 Advice


With the demand for flexibility being the purveying need of teams and businesses alike, joining a coworking space is the perfect solution for businesses looking for a change.

PLATF9RM Hove Town Hall

City landscapes have been forever changed. What were once bustling, thriving hubs of activity have become slightly eerie, abandoned ghost towns. The share of empty office space in London has hit its highest level in the city in over three decades. Skyscrapers towering over the City of London that once dominated international economic decision-making now stand empty and, to be honest, are giving us mild meglaphobia.

Coworking, on the other hand, is continuing to boom, with some analysts forecasting it could represent up to 30% of commercial real estate by 2030. A common misconception about coworking is that it’s just for freelancers or entrepreneurs. It’s time to bust that myth.

With the demand for flexibility being the purveying need of teams and businesses alike, joining a coworking space is the perfect solution for businesses looking for a change. Say goodbye to constrictive, decades-long leases in expensive, soulless high rises and join the revolution. 

Want to know how your business can thrive in a coworking environment? Let us lay it out for you.

Gain Flexibility With Coworking Spaces

If we’ve learnt nothing else over the past few years, the economic landscape can change overnight, and businesses need to be able to roll with the punches and accommodate their teams. Coworking companies usually offer a wide range of membership options, from dedicated desks to shared space, serviced wings, and small offices so that you can grow with your flow.

Contracts in coworking spaces are also usually short-term lets, with room for negotiation, meaning that scaling up or down doesn’t have to be a daunting prospect; it can be something to embrace.

Cost-Efficient Office Spaces

Compared to traditional leases, coworking spaces are a cost-efficient choice. They will usually cover a lot of the usual overheads, including cleaning, maintenance, business rates, and even printing. This means that where you save in rent, you can invest the money you’ve saved back into your business, driving innovation and growth and generating revenue. Your business will gain financial flexibility – it’s a bit of a no-brainer, really. 

Access Business Support

Outsourcing random, unknown consultants could be a thing of the past. Most coworking spaces will also curate a tailored programme of events that respond to the needs of its community. From roundtables to mentorship opportunities to masterclasses, there’ll be ample opportunity for you to take advantage of the business support available. You’ll also be joined by a like-minded community who will understand what it’s like to run a business, and you’ll be able to soak up the expertise around you.

The connection does not stop at in-person events, however. A large part of a coworking space’s community will live online. Platforms like Slack can provide an alternative virtual space for things like recruitment, skill sharing, collaboration or finding suppliers, as well as getting to know one another via dedicated channels.

Step Into a Ready-Made Culture

Speaking of community, that is what coworking is all about. They are designed to create and facilitate connection. You could find your next collaborator by just making a coffee. The spaces themselves are also designed to make you feel productive, from using colour theory to enhanced workplace strategy to ensure that the space is optimised for productivity and inspires and energises its inhabitants. 

Plus, you can take the pressure off organising external activities for your team; coworking spaces will offer monthly socials and networking opportunities for the community to get to know each other. Wave goodbye to energy-draining doodle polls and awkward pub outings.

Master The Office Work-Life Balance

Working from home is great, but it isn’t the answer. Going into the office is useful, but it’s not sustainable. Coworking offers another option: working near home. Strategically placed in commuter towns near stations, coworking spaces offer up the productivity and social aspect of office working, eradicating claustrophobic commutes and giving you back time. While that elusive work/life balance might always be something we strive to find, coworking space can help you and your team take a step closer to achieving that dream.

At PLATF9RM, we not only provide teams with high-spec private offices, but we also ensure that we connect teams with the wider community from our events, members portal, community Slack channels, discounts from local businesses and member-only perks such as mid-week treats and Friday drinks.

You’ll have 24/7 access to not only your private office but each of our locations. So, if you find your team wanting a change of scenery, you can take a short trip and immerse yourself in one of our other spaces. We offer membership types as agile as your business which are great for those companies working from a hybrid model.

If your business is looking for a new space to call home, then you can find out more about our private office memberships by booking in a call with one of our team or a tour of our locations.