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29.04.24 Business


Thinking about taking an office in a coworking space? Maybe you're intrigued but haven't quite been able to justify that extra jump? Well you're in luck, because our Commercial Director, Elissa, sat down with Zoe, the founder of Sytrus to talk about the benefits of being in a serviced office space like PLATF9RM.

Sit down interview between two women at a colourful beach hut style booth

The Lowdown:

Adapting to your needs:

Sytrus have been able to take calculated risks, building from bit by bit, knowing that PLATF9RM would be able to adapt to their needs as their business evolved.

Growing with you:

Sytrus’s growth journey is the paragon of natural progression of an SME. From securing their first client to hiring the latest member of their team of six. This story provides valuable lessons for SMEs within PLATF9RM, demonstrating the stages and challenges of growth.

Benefits of Flexible Workspaces: 

There are many advantages of flexible workspace solutions, such as those provided by PLATF9RM, including simplified logistics, transparent pricing, and access to amenities. Not having to think about these tedious aspects of every-day business ownership, allows Founders to focus on what really matters, the business itself.

Built-In Culture and Community:

PLATF9RM has the advantage of a built-in community and working culture. When running your own company, setting up and developing a culture is essential, but is always a large undertaking. When you’re a member of a coworking space like PLATF9RM, your employees have the benefits of a curated cultural programme, mingling with professionals of different industries, and the ability to work outside of their private office but anywhere within the PLATF9RM space.

If you’re interested in the benefits of sharing a private office, then check this out here.

Here’s the full sit-down with Zoe and Elissa.


Elissa: Hello, Zoe from Sytrus. It’s great to have you here. Can you tell us a bit about how Sytrus got started?

Zoe: The journey of Sytrus probably began subconsciously by coming from a family of entrepreneurs. When I was about 16 I became closely involved in an almost-bootstrapped startup in the events industry, and having always had an interest in entrepreneurship, I decided to pursue accounting and finance as a path into the world of business more generally. I trained and qualified with a local accountancy practice and in 2016 I took the leap and ventured into starting Sytrus to support other entrepreneurial people and ensure that their financial reporting is a source of strength in their business, supporting them to fuel growth and make bold and informed decisions.

Elissa: That’s quite a journey! So, you’ve always had that entrepreneurial spirit. How did you manage the initial transition from being an employee to running your own business?

Zoe: It was definitely a gradual process. Initially, I secured a contract with a rapidly growing company which provided a solid foundation for Sytrus. From there, we focused on delivering quality service to our clients while gradually expanding our team. We faced challenges like finding good talent, but we persevered and now have a strong team in place.

Elissa: It sounds like you’ve had quite a growth journey. How has your relationship with PLATF9RM supported this growth?

Zoe: So we’re currently a team of 13, between our co-working office in London and PLATF9RM Brighton. There were more than 6 (on rotation) in the Brighton office too, PLATF9RM has been instrumental in providing us with flexible office space that adapts to our needs. As we grew, we were able to transition from a smaller office to a larger one, and even adjust our office usage during the pandemic. The flexibility and support from PLATF9RM have been invaluable to us.

Elissa: That’s great to hear. How do you see Sytrus evolving in the future?

Zoe: We’re excited about the future of Sytrus. We’ve recently made strategic decisions to focus on clients that align with our passions and expertise, which we believe will drive further growth. We’re also exploring new opportunities and are optimistic about what the future holds.

Elissa: It sounds like there are exciting times ahead for Sytrus. Before we wrap up, do you have any favorite memories or reflections on your time with PLATF9RM?

Zoe: One of the highlights has been attending the Fringe Festival last summer with the PLATF9RM community. It’s moments like these that remind us of the vibrant community we’re a part of. Overall, our experience with PLATF9RM has been fantastic, and we’re grateful for the support they’ve provided us on our journey.

Elissa: Thank you, Zoe, for sharing your insights and experiences with us. It’s been a pleasure speaking with you.

Zoe: Thank you, Elissa. It’s been great.


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