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03.06.24 9 Tips


You’re probably working yourself too hard.

The average full-timer works 37hrs a week, which is 161 hours a week and 1929 hours a year, which is let’s face it, a lot of hours. With a continued push from employers to encourage a return to the office, this means that you’ll be spending more time than you might prefer in an office space. Because of this, it’s more important than ever to give yourself those boosts that keep you going throughout the day. Staying productive whilst not burning out is a vital yet difficult balance to strike.

Whether this is your regular office building, a shared office or a coworking space, we’ve got 9 top tips for staying sane yet productive during the work day.

man in a coworking space that favours productivity community and creativity.

1. Snack alarms.

You’re not you when you’re hungry. 8 or 9 hours at a desk is a long time and you might have skipped breakfast, taken a late lunch or your stomach might just be growling. Regardless, it’s important to allow yourself the time to actually spike your insulin levels. So, set an alarm at key times you know that you flag.  Prep an apple, some nuts or a snickers to get through to your next meal.

2. Allow yourself a gossip

It’s well documented that the demonisation of gossip is rooted in sexism, and gossip has taken on a new, more positive meaning in modern times. Whether you want to use other terms like “debrief” or “corridor conversations”, gossiping has been shown to have many positive effects and can now have less connotations like empathy, compassion and noticing suffering, so get out there, grab your favourite colleague and have a gossip!

3. Make yourself and a friend a cup of tea

Because it’s easy to make one cup of tea, how about you take the extra time to make someone else one too? By offering to make a friend a cuppa you get access to those sweet, sweet kindness endorphins. 63% of people in the UK say that they feel better about themselves when they do something kind, so don’t do it for them, do it for you.


4. Get your hair cut on your lunch break

One simple thing that people, can do to boost their mental health is selfcare. How about starting by getting a haircut! 81% of men say they feel more confident post fresh-trim at the barbers. So, when you can, treat yourself to a haircut on your lunch break. Bonus points, if you work at PLATF9RM you don’t have to go far for that trim, just upstairs to the Tangerine Room.

Interested? Book in for a shape up here!

5. Go on a walk

There are many ways to boost your productivity and wellbeing at work, but sometimes simple is best. Yes we know this one is the most basic advice you could get, but yes your cortisol levels do lower from even the shortest of walks. If you’re lucky enough to live in a lovely city like Brighton & Hove, then be sure to make the most of it and go on that walk!  


6. Plan something small after work

While going with the flow is nice, you can also give yourself something to look forward to after work! It doesn’t have to be a lairy night out or drinks at the pub, but can be much lower key, like planning an after work swim or taking yourself to the movies – at the risk of dating this bit of writing, there’s still time to see Challengers, and trust us it’s a good one. If you’re stuck for ideas, why not check out our cultural programme at PLATF9RM?

7. Actually take lunch

On a similar note to our first tip, we know far too many people that don’t properly take lunch. This means sitting somewhere different to the seat you’re plopped in all day, closing your laptop and taking the time to enjoy your lunch like a real human person.


8. Hug and be hugged 

Yes, go give and get a hug. For bonus points, you can make this your same gossipping friend. In fact, research shows that hugs are much more than just a way to avoid an awkward handshake. Yes, they actually lower your blood pressure and heart rate, help reduce anxiety and boost oxytocin production. That’s that warm fuzzy feeling of productivity. 


9. Learn something new

Finding a way to integrate learning into your everyday working life is an easy way to boost your self-confidence. This can be by consciously acknowledging everything you’re learning on the job or using your toilet breaks to strategically keep your Duolingo streak going. However you do it’s an incredibly effective way to give yourself a bit of a mental boost long term.

In summary, with these tips integrated you’ll have no doubt been able to boost your productivity and wellbeing at work.