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Day Passes

How many day passes can I book at once?

  • You can book day passes either individually or in a bundle of three at a discounted rate.


What access do I have with a day pass?

  • Each day pass grants you access to one of our locations from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Please note that when using your day pass, it must be used in its entirety at one location.


How long do I have to use a day pass once purchased?

  • Our day passes do not expire, and you can purchase them without selecting a specific date to use them.


How do I access the space?

  • To access our Brighton location with your day pass, please ring the buzzer for ‘Floor 6’ and wait for a team member to let you into the building. Then, take the lift to the 6th floor. To access our Hove location, simply walk through the red doors and proceed to the reception desk.


Do I have to check in on arrival?

  • On the day you wish to use one of your day passes, head to the reception desk where a team member will check you in and assist in booking a desk for you to use and get you settled for the day.


What do I get with a day pass?

  • With a day pass, you’ll receive complimentary tea and coffee, as well as unlimited WIFI.


Do I get access to the members portal?

  • Day pass users do not get access to the PLATF9RM members portal or app.


Can I pre-book a desk or phone booth?

  • We do not offer pre-booking of desks or phone booths with our day passes. However, you can inquire at reception on arrival, and if available, they can reserve a desk for you for the day.


Do I get access to member perks?

  • Discounts on meeting rooms and event spaces, access to the members portal and Slack channels, and additional extras are only available to members.


Can I bring my dog in to the space?

  • You are more than welcome to bring your dog into the space. All that we ask is that they are kept on a lead at all times and that all four paws are kept on the floor!


Are there any parking facilities available at your locations?

  • Unfortunately, we do not have any of our own parking facilities at either of our locations. However, our Brighton site has an NCP car park next door to it, and there are a variety of car parks surrounding our Hove site to choose from.


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