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Kickass Collective | March 2024


Kickass Women is back… with a twist. Enter Kickass Collective!


In March 2024 we’ll be celebrating the people that are shaping the future of our city. A month-long programme of workshops and events will bring our community together to get inspired, learn new skills and collaborate for a better future.
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This year we have the joy of working with eight other Brighton-led businesses to facilitate a month of mind-nourishing events. Interactive panels, live-comedy, envisioning workshops, live podcasts and a keynote dinner - there's something for everyone.

The theme for 2024 is inclusion - Kickass Collective is open to everyone, regardless of gender expression, you're invited to join us in celebrating exactly what it is that makes ours a Kickass Community.

Kickass Women Panel


Every Year, it gets harder to choose who to spotlight at Kickass Women. There is a growing number of incredible women and gender non-conforming people taking strides in their respective fields.

This year, we're focussing on the individuals making an impact in the Brighton & Hove area - we're inviting local businesses, community organisations, activists and more to come to our spaces and ignite our thoughts in unique ways.


If you’re having a hard time choosing between events and want to go to them all, then the Kickass Collective Wristband is for you! It gives you access to all of the Kickass Collective Events as well as £10 off of the Keynote Dinner with Bibi Lynch.

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What's Come Before


If you've been to Kickass Women before then you know what to expect; powerful speakers, meaningful conversations, delicious food and a kickass community, all contained into one, very special day. Originated by PLATF9RM alum Emilie Lashmar and Sunetta Kiarie

Every year we make it our mission to make Kickass Women, bigger, bolder, and brighter - and this year is no different. We pour our heart and soul into Kickass Women and do our best to include as many of the incredible members of the Brighton & Hove community.

Enter Kickass Collective.

Kickass Women 4.0


Last year for Kickass Women we wanted to extend an open invite to all of the wonderful men in our community. Together we all explore the many complexities of gender in the modern world, and can position feminism as a force for the good of everyone.

Our full day of keynotes, workshops, coffee and good food was about uplifting women’s voices but the subject matter relates strongly to men as well. We’ll be talking about the concept of Equity as it relates to all genders as well and how living under a patriarchal society affects men as well.

Tomorrow’s leaders, Gen Z, demand equality and diversity like no generation has before. They understand the importance of treating people as they want to be treated, which often means breaking away from the conventions that the majority have come to accept.

With Gen Z’s influence on global markets growing, can we make gender work in today’s society? Should we continue to break down stereotypes and redefine gender roles, or should we be removing the concept from the conversation altogether?

Kickass Women 3.0


In 2022, after 2 long years of separation, Kickass Women was back with a #BoldAndBorderless bang.
The hybrid event was conceived with the goal of finding the silver linings of what we’ve endured and breaking down barriers to connection and inclusion for women everywhere.

The speakers included;
- Juno Dawson - Bestselling Novelist, Screenwriter and Journalist
- Karen Dobres - Elected Director of Lewes Football Club
- Miss Erica Storm AKA Madam Storm - Madam Storm is an international dominatrix and Torture Garden celebrity, helping women across the world one strut at a time
- Emilie Bellet - Founder of VestPod, Author of "You're Not Broke, You're Pre-Rich"
- Somaya Faruqi - Afghan student and engineer, and the captain of the Afghan Girls Robotics Team, also known as the "Afghan Dreamers"
- Benita Matofska - International Speaker, Changemaker, Social Innovation, Circular and Sharing Economy Consultant, Author of Generation Share

Tara and Sunetta Hugging at Kickass Women
Kickass Women 2.0


In the following year of 2020, we wanted to explore an international theme: #EachforEqual and discussing the Future of Womanhood. We sought to engage in conversations that challenged the status quo and to celebrate the achievements of women.

The event’s purpose was to inspire action, creating a better future for women everywhere. The day was about the disadvantaged, underprivileged and underrepresented people in our society, giving a platform for all voices to be heard, and how we can keep having progressive conversations.

The speakers included:
• Eugenie Teasley, HEad of Cities at Uber
• Vic Miller, VP of Global Comms at Brandwatch
• Sapphire Bates, Founder of The Coven Girl Gang
• Alexandra Heminsley, Bestselling Author
• Simon Clemenger, Founder of HEY GIRL Magazine

The day ended with an intergenerational panel with:
• Zazie Clark, Social Anthropologist & Network Manager for Sussex at The Girls’ Network
• Lara Sheldrake, Founder of Found & Flourish
• Vicki Hughes, Fugu PR MD
• Mariam Crichton, Managing Director at 4 Earth Intelligence
• Anne Boddington, Professor of Design Innovation, Pro Vice Chancellor for Culture and Public Engagement
• Koko Brown, Spoken word artist, theatre-maker & producer

Kickass Women OG


We launched Kickass Women in 2019, wanting to provide a platform for women who are kicking ass, whatever sector they’re in.

Whether that be in the charity sector, small businesses, freelancers, entertainment and further afield. There’s still significant underrepresentation of women from all walks of life, including women of colour, working-class voices and those that identify as LGBTQAI+ in our working lives.

The first year focussed on the theme of Balance to highlight the benefits and challenges of gender equality. It was also an important way to shine a light on the trailblazers in our own backyard. The women of Brighton who have relentlessly followed their passions and have, in turn, affected change.
Talks ranged from speakers in business and non-profit sectors to food and entertainment:

– Lucy & Yak
– Brighton Digital Women
– Ilk & Ernie
– Start Ups Magazine
– The Clock Tower Sanctuary – DJ Farrow
– Endurance Women – Street Diner
– Holler Brewery
– The Little Deer
– The Feminist Bookshop


Kickass Women was co-founded by the brightest light to grace PLATF9RM, our friend Sunetta Kiarie. Sunetta brought joy, warmth and sunshine wherever she ventured. She radiated brilliance in a way that made everybody glow. We’re beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to work alongside her. She brought powerful, impactful ideas to life, bringing incredible people and their stories to the forefront of conversations. Her memory lives on in the people whose lives she touched and in part through her brain-child; Kickass Women.