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Before 2014, my work wasn’t wonderful. My daily commute was a grind, and I spent more time in London than at home in Brighton. 

It got me thinking about the quality of our working lives. I began dreaming of an imaginary ninth platform at Brighton station that would take me to that elusive work/life balance. 

But it wasn’t just me. There was a growing movement of people wanting to enjoy their work, do it in a great environment, and most importantly, feel part of something.

At the time, shared office space was a thing, but it was all about seats and sockets. It was boring. So, we looked in other directions – to the member’s clubs, the coffee shops and the hotel lobbies. And that’s where we found our inspiration for a new kind of coworking.

Mixing office with hospitality, we envisioned a multidimensional workspace that gives people more. Somewhere that inspires belonging and wellbeing. Enables connections and opportunities. Sparks ideas and conversations. Respects and enriches the community. And, not least, somewhere that does the best coffee in town.

Honestly, it was the kind of place I wanted to inhabit myself – it was the answer to my own dream. But now, PLATF9RM is driven by amazing teams and powered by the people who call it theirs. And it’s much bigger than mere physical spaces; it’s a living and breathing, ever-evolving reimagining of what work means. Or put more short-and-sweetly, it’s work made wonderful.

Seb Royle, Founder & CEO