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Our brilliant team is the magic in the machine. From our founders to our front-of-house stars, we’re all here to make work wonderful.

Seb Royle
CEO & Founder

After years as a property developer in New York and Europe, Seb had a radical vision to transform people’s working lives – and PLATF9RM was the remarkable result. It’s his passion to continually improve and evolve that drives our buzzing, innovative and enterprising community.

Seb makes work wonderful by being ambitious, challenging preconceived ideas and discovering opportunities for positive change.

Emilie Lashmar
Creative Director (Brand & Marketing)

With her skilled eye for design and detail, Emilie is the activator and guardian of our brand. And it’s her zest for adventure and urge to reach for the never-seen-before which compels her to grow our brand in innovative ways and excite and ignite our community.

Emilie makes work wonderful with her inclusive, community-led approach, which has a love of people at its heart.

Dan Roper
Dan Roper
Development Director

Dan is our Detail-Oriented Development Director. Acting as a steady pair of hands, his focus is on creating irresistible spaces that support PLATF9RM's vision and growth.

With years in the biz across the globe, Dan is a coworking and hospitality expert. He's got the operations and development experience to deliver top-notch spaces that you'll love to love. Not to mention he’s solid on a surfboard.

Dan makes work wonderful by listening and understanding. He's a problem solver, providing innovative solutions that get the best out of people, deliver a vision and build community.

Jessica Samson
General Manager

Jess has grown with us from the early days and is now responsible for driving revenue, overseeing operations and managing the team. The combination of a strong work ethic, positivity and kind-hearted nature means if there’s ever a problem, you can consider it already sorted.

Jess makes work wonderful by being empathetic to the needs of those around her and always putting people first.

Hollie Sanglier
Marketing Manager

As a self-confessed data queen and founder of a sustainable shampoo brand, Hollie is perfectly skilled to manage the messaging and marketing of our brand. She also has an instinctive flair for finding brand partners whose values marry up with our progressive philosophy.

Hollie makes work wonderful by having vast business knowledge, providing us with an invaluable 360° insight.

Maja Mihalik
Operations Manager

Maja is the mastermind who ensures our systems run like clockwork. Her magic is her eclectic experience. From music to accountancy, from event organisation to office management, there’s not much that phases Maja. If you ever hear the experimental music duo Más Hangok, that’s her too.

Maja makes work wonderful through her kindness and humour and by staying calm no matter what comes her way.

Tori Rodway
Events Manager

With experience orchestrating charity fundraisers and gala dinners, Tori is our organisational wizard. Friends think her job is all champagne and balloons, but we know what it takes to plan and execute our stunning events. And when she’s not working? She loves socialising, of course.

Tori makes work wonderful with her unflagging positivity and by creating fun events for our membership and the wider community.

Ethan Kentish
Ethan Phoenix Kentish
Marketing Executive

Our meticulous and multilingual marketing executive, Ethan is the driving force behind our comms.

Ethan has a real passion for sustainable fashion and the marvellous world of language and expression. His ability to create fresh things out of pre-loved items and come up with new solutions from old ideas is what makes him a unique and resourceful member of the team! His disarming wit doesn't go amiss either...

Ethan makes work wonderful by practising gratitude and keeping things light.

Grace Hessey
Location Coordinator, Hove

With a cheeky smile and a can do attitude, you’ll find it hard to miss Grace whizzing through The Grounds on a mission.

As a former teacher with a musical edge, Grace is our resident DJ. When she’s in charge of the music, you know that you’re in for a groovy day. If you’re lucky, she’ll tell where she’s got her next live set and you can see her in all her glory.

Grace makes work wonderful by being an attentive listener that’s always up for having a laugh.

Aaron Gough
Location Coordinator, Brighton

The moustachioed Aaron mans the fort over in Tower Point with unparalleled calmness.

A master of inventive problem solving, Aaron is eager to help out where he can. When he isn’t gracing us with his presence at the front desk, he’s a burgeoning brand designer with a keen eye for cardigans. As a former model and mini-golf course leader, Aaron is our jack of all trades who's always up for chit-chat.

Aaron makes work wonderful by approaching every situation with a level head and encouraging attitude.

Inès Coulon
Admin Assistant

The Marie Kondo of PLATF9RM, Inès is one half of our rigorous operational assistance duo.

Her background as a studied musician not only makes her a lyrical encyclopedia but also helps her bring a craftsman-like quality to her work. Speedy both in and out of PLATF9RM, the fiery-red and midnight-blue blur you may have spotted zooming along the seafront is almost certainly Inès and her personal trainer, Otis the Whippet, prepping for her next marathon.

Inès makes work wonderful through a combination of her admirable work ethic and her compassion and proactivity.

Natasha Cooke

With the widest grin and the best topics of conversation, Natasha is our very own café connoisseur.

Through her cracking sense of humour and carefully curated wardrobe - Natasha knows exactly how to present herself. This scrupulousness translates to her work too as she’s a master at making our members feel at home in the space. She harnesses her refinement through MONO MONO, the go-to jewellery brand for handmade precious metal accessories.

Natasha makes work wonderful by being a perceptive listener - always able to gauge how to approach a situation with grace.

Chelsie Tyrell
Front of House

With an extensive background in hospitality, Chelsie is a pure all-rounder. She’s got the goods, the guts and an approachable personality to boot.

Whether there’s an excessively tedious task or an excruciatingly complicated chore - Chelsie’s on the case. Patient yet driven, she knows exactly how to get things done. Chelsie not only proves her initiative and follow-through at work but also through her alter-ego, HEIGHTS, illustrious writer, producer and singer of dream pop bangers.

Chelsie makes work wonderful with her immaculate vibes and by making sure that team and members alike get their coffee and sugar fix.

Haia Ironside
Admin Assistant

Our in-house psychotherapist, Haia is a natural-born analysis machine - perfect for her role in Ops!

With considerable experience at WeWork in Berlin, Haia is no newcomer to the coworking industry. This combined with her early teaching experience makes her a natural problem solver and calm mind in a crisis. A natural ticker of lists, Haia is able to effectively organise herself and things around her, getting things done.

Haia makes work wonderful by staying calm and keeping a smile on her face.

Membership Assistant Jacob
Jacob Foreman
Membership Assistant

With a background in bartending Jacob is all about mixing things up, getting stuff done and closing it all out with a killer cocktail.

Referred to as the ‘King of Meditation’ by many, he always manages to keep cool, calm and collected, no matter the situation. This zen attitude, along with his sales prowess makes him a key member of our membership experience team. On top of this, tours with Jacob are a treat as having previously been the UK’s youngest air steward, he knows exactly how to properly point at a meeting room.

Jacob makes work wonderful through his calm nature and upbeat attitude.


To us, above everything, community is key and we’re always scouting for new talent to help build it.

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