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A mindful and impactful kid-friendly brunch event

This event will include keynote speakers who will speak to the importance of childcare legislation and provisions in business and the workplace. Brunch for attendees is provided in a casual setting. As this event is kids-go-free, the children of the attendees are invited to attend a Brighton-local art workshop by the House of Culture. The brunch and workshop are included in the ticket.

28th July 11 am -1 pm The Grounds, Hove Town Hal


Brunch, keynote speakers and art workshop are all included in the ticket price. Kids go free!



This event aims to be an idea of how childcare can be incorporated into the workplace so that parents do not have to source childcare themselves, something that is often costly and limited.

If businesses better provide for parents, this in turn will support sustainability and employee retention. Providing these benefits is a win-win scenario.




A tasty grazing style buffet, food provided for both kids and grown ups.

Step Into a Ready-Made Culture


Art workshop for the kids, brought to you by House of Culture Brighton. This workshop will include two engaging and creative activities so the kids can create something beautiful.

Vic Miller


Speakers Dan Flanagan and Rose Rowkins will take on different aspects of what childcare means and needs in business and the workforce.

Blogs about gender issues in the workplace

To accompany the Parents in Business Brunch, there are two subject-related blogs. These blogs aim to provide background and possible solutions for managers to address the unequal gender divide of expected labour in the workplace, especially, emotional labour and childcare roles.

Community and Flex Space PLATF9RM light box


This blog entitled 'Naturalisation of emotional labour in the workplace' talks about the unequal, and often, unregulated expectations of care in the workplace. This unpaid, additional labour that people take on comes in many different forms. This blog aims to shine a light on the phenomena and to help address the issue by telling us what, how and why managers can and should tackle the gendered expectations of emotional labour.

Blog here


Many working parents will confess that finding suitable childcare can be difficult, costly, and frankly, unavailable. This blog aims to raise awareness on the issue of lack of childcare provisions, and unequal legislations in the UK's workforce. Read to find out why childcare is not just an issue for families, but businesses too.

Blog here