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17.02.23 PLATF9RM Press


It's February! Which of course only means one thing - trying to forget about Valentine's day, so to distract yourself, have a breather by reading through this edition of PLATF9RM People.

-The PLATF9RM Team

PLATF9RM Members sharing food at a large dinner table

Community – Tørstig Bar

Tørstig bar is the all new low-alcohol hotspot that came about just in time for Dry January.

Connection – Kickass Women: Equity Era

This year for International Women’s Day we’re shifting our focus to treating everyone fairly, rather than equally. Get more info here.

Kickass Women: Equity Era

Information – ETTO

ETTO is offering free 90-min workshops for PLATF9RM businesses looking to boost the success of their brand in the new year. Email to find out more or book a workshop.

Care – ReturnWare

ReturnWare’s mission is to eliminate single use takeaway food packaging by circulating stackable, stainless steel food containers to businesses where food is served. They collect, clean and redistribute the containers to create a circular service. Interested? Check them out here.

Creativity – fffuel

fffuel is a collection of color tools and free SVG generators for gradients, patterns, textures, shapes & backgrounds.

Productivity – TLDR This

TLDR This does exactly what it says on the tin. It summarises long articles that are too long, so you didn’t read them.