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04.05.23 PLATF9RM Press


As the team prepares for The Three Peaks Challenge, we check in to find out about their training routines, rituals, superstitions and snacks of choice.

On Friday 19 May, our heroic team, also known as ‘PLATF9RMs Peaking Toms,’ will take on the Three Peaks Challenge with a goal to raise £2,000 for The Clock Tower Sanctuary. Grace, Haia, Francesca, and Jacob will conquer the summits of the highest mountains in England, Scotland, and Wales in just 24 hours, fuelled by pure grit, determination, and endless snacks.

As the team prepares for the challenge, we caught up with them to find out about their training routines and rituals, which famous person they’d choose to join them, and most importantly, their snack of choice.

Talk us through your training routine.

Jacob: Hiking once a week, doing some big hills, walking to work and finally going up and down 12 flights of stairs every day at work.

Grace: A cycle a day keeps the leg cramp away! Weekend walks and scaling the P9 hove stairs daily.

Haia: I generally do a lot of walking with my dog Pebble, so basically trying to keep that up. Then I am also continuing with my rock climbing and there is a nasty uphill cycle to get there which I am forcing myself to do each time.

Francesca: Walking everywhere, hiking/hill walking twice a week, bouldering twice a week, and stairs at work.

What comfort item are you bringing with you?

Grace: Jacob haha

Jacob: I have forgone all attachments to worldly possessions.

Haia: My big warm puffer coat!

Francesca: My fave orange Nike hoodie because it’s extra baggy and comfy for the minibus.

What is your snack of choice?

Francesca: Dark chocolate, all day everyday.

Jacob: Pistachios, beef jerky and roasted chickpeas. Protein baby gains lad muscles grrrr.

Grace: Fruity flapjack.

Haia: Dark chocolate but will also throw in some almonds, dried apricots, apples.

What are you most worried about going into the challenge?

Grace: Lack of sleep before and during the challenge / being on a bus for hours / mad wet weather. Trying to not think about any of this!

Haia:  I would rather its not raining heavily but I am managing this worry by thinking that if it does, will simply make things MORE memorable

Jacob:  I have a bit of a dodgy knee (25 but injured beyond my years), but besides being slightly wary of that not much.

Francesca: I’m super clumsy so if i actually make it back off the mountains in one piece, that’ll be a feat in itself. I’m managing this by trying to not trip over my own feet.

If you could have any famous person join you on the challenge, who would it be and why?

Grace: Theroux, of course

Jacob: Andre the Giant, so he can carry me and reenact Princess Bride along the way. Or the sultry tones of the legendary Tom Jones would help me push through.

Haia: David Attenborough because my dream is to get to hang out with him in nature.

Francesca: Same as Haia, it has to be David Attenbourgh. It would be a dream to even have a conversation with him let alone a walk in nature.

Do you have any rituals or superstitions?

Francesca: I have a kids head torch in the shape of a dog’s face that I have to put on at the top of each mountain and take a selfie. Also, a chocolate treat for each summit!

Jacob: I like to sleep a lot but not sure if that counts.

Grace: Stick of lavender or an essential oil roll on on all travels.

Haia: I will need a coffee in the morning before we start walking and another one 24 hours later, also might bring a flask in case I want one in between! OOOOO and I will have my water bottle with me which I love.

Who do you think on the team has the best survival skills?

Jacob: I was a Beaver so its easily me. Got lost in the woods for a whole hour and didn’t cry once.

Haia: Jacob, obviously.

Grace: I reckon Haia’s hardy in the wilderness!

Francesca: Hahaha! I like to think the four of us together will be an unstoppable force, but in reality, none of us.

In three words, describe your mindset going into the challenge?

Francesca: Excited, determined and knackered thinking about it.

Grace: Winging it help

Jacob: Not Worried Enough?

Haia: Chilled, excited, still need to buy some boots.

How do you plan to celebrate once you have completed?

Jacob: Beers, followed by a couple more then sleeping for 48 hours.

Grace:  Pleasant trip to the pub

Francesca: Sleep!!! followed by a massage and a week off playing the new zelda and laying on the sofa

Haia: A beer and some sleep ideally!

PLATF9RM are raising essential funds for The Clock Tower Sanctuary, a day centre in Brighton & Hove for 16-25-year-olds who are homeless or insecurely housed. They provide the practical and emotional support that homeless young people need to move from crisis to stability. At their friendly day-centre, they offer washing and laundry facilities, hot meals, confidence-building activities, Life Skills classes and support with accessing health services, benefits, accommodation, training and work. You can donate via our JustGiving page.