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22.09.23 PLATF9RM Press


It's September, the official month of new beginnings!

Please don't cross reference that, it's something we've just coined ourselves and are hoping will catch on, hopefully, the next "slay" or "girl-dinner" or "fetch". In any case we've put together a great collection of events, auditory adventures and tools that should keep you going until next month.

- The PLATF9RM team x


Lucky Frog and friends presents: FOLKLORE: 35 Brighton illustration artists, including; Peter Greenwood, lucy Sherston, YUKFUN, Illwookie, Laurie Avon, Owen Gildersleeve and many more will be exhibiting from the 23 to 30 of November at Phoenix Art Space.

Sonya Barlow at PLATF9RM's Work Reinvented in 2022


All about technology, money management, entrepreneurship and how to push through ‘closed doors’.  Host Sonya Barlow chats with Shaye Sharma in her latest episode of  The Everyday Hustle.





Renao is a London-based, Bangalore-born musician who describes his music as the intersection between Harry Styles and Frank Ocean. And yes, his music lives up to that hefty descriptor. Toast is an office fave – treat yourself to a listen here.

Organisation helps you create a detailed to do list using their built in AI functionality. All you need to do is state what you need help with and it will automatically generate your ideal to-do list. Extra useful for those with neuro-spicy tendancies.


If you’re looking to flex your creative muscles and paint some frankly quite odd-looking creatures, then be sure to sign up for Wildlife Drawing: Marvelous Misfits at PLATF9RM Hove, mark your calendars here.


If you’re one of what Gen Z would call the “fashion girlies” then Sustainable Fashion Week is for you! They’ve got a jam-packed Brighton-centric schedule of events, sales and workshops. Give it a browse right here.